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Moriche Palm all new Xtreme Burn formula is a dietary supplement that supports natural fat burning along with body contouring! The new formula is sensational and worth every penny! Gain curves and lose that unwanted body fat around your abdomen and midsection. Taken once daily at night (before bedtime) the supplement gently stimulates your hormones to boost a female's natural body curves. The supplement also fires up the metabolism so you burn up to 1,000 fat calories all while sleeping peacefully.

Enjoy rapid fat loss, slim & tone, reduce abdominal fat around the midsection without losing your sensual body curves.  With our Xtreme fat burner supplement weight loss is easy the combination of South American subtropical herbs supercharges your metabolism while you're asleep! 

Powerful Weight Loss!

100% Natural Formula With No-Caffeine!

Enhances & Defines Hips & Buttocks!

Helps Boost The Resting Metabolic Rate!

Provides Rapid-Release of Estrogen in Every Capsule!

 Burn Up To 1,000 Fat Calories (nightly) while you're asleep!


  • America's #1 Selling Curvy Diet Supplement Brand - Moriche Palm♦♦
  • Powerful Weight Loss
  • Boost Metabolism & Energy
  • Hair, Skin & Nails Support - Biotin & B-Vitamins Added
  • Weight Loss Key Ingredient "Acai Berry" Clinically Researched
  • Dietary Supplement with B12 & Biotin 
  • Formulated to Meet the Needs of Women (Hormonal Balance & Support) 

Figure Enhancement -And Weight Loss

Moriche Palm Xtreme! Offers women the powerful weight loss benefits of a scientifically researched diet along with the figure enhancement benefits found in a bigger butt pill! Now you can lose inches off your waistline and shape-up your buttocks! 

Fast-Fat Calorie Burning

The rapid-release capsule delivers a boost of natural fat burning to increase your bodies resting metabolic rate while you're sleeping! 

New Formula

Moriche Palm Xtreme! for women has been reformulated to give women what they want: All natural yet powerful weight loss around the tummy and midsection along with fuller more defined looking body curves. With the Moriche-X you can achieve the perfect hourglass figure while losing weight naturally! 

Now you can combine our supplement with our Bum Bum Cream for overall best results! When you purchase our supplement today don't forget to add our cream for just $99 more! 

Suggested Use

Take 1 serving (2 capsules) once daily, 10-25 minutes before bedtime after having your largest meals (e.g., dinner).  Do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24-hour period. For best results, use for 2 months along with the Moriche Palm Bum Bum Cream in combination with diet and exercise. Always read the entire label before use, and follow the directions provided.

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