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SlimWaist Tea



The Super Fat Burning Moriche & Acai Berry (Slim-Waist-Tea) is truly remarkable! The slim-waist herbal tea blocks carbs, grease, and fats from your favorite foods while curbing your appetite so you lose weight almost effortlessly! Finally get rid of the STUBBORN BELLY FAT around your tummy and midsection by drinking 2-3 cups of our slimming tea daily! 

Instructions:  Drink our delicious Moriche Palm Berry Tea (cold) over ice. Just add 1/tbsp of agave syrup to sweeten the drink. Drink our tea before and or with your favorite meals. The tea slims you down by curbing you appetite and cravings while eating.

Drink hot add 1/tbsp of agave syrup to sweeten. Drink warm before and after meals to flush away the fats, oils, and grease in your meals!

Ingredients: Moriche Palm Fruit, Acai Berries, Green Tea

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