Skin Bright is a natural skin-booster vitamin supplement which may be taken for anti-aging benefits, clearer more radiant skin, and reduction of acne! 

I got a breakout the other day, and OMG I was mortified! It came all of a sudden too- like right when I started taking better care of my skin. I was exfoliating, steaming my pores, using a toner + moisturizer and still got a nasty big fat oily pimple out of no where. Yuck, what the heck - I thought I'm in my 30's this should be happening to teens. A few days later the nasty fat pimple went down - of course I didn't pop it (should never do that) but it went down on it's on. But the EFFIN pimple left a dark spot on my face I wanted to cry. As a woman of color discoloration from acne is not uncommon. It's sad because clearing up discoloration is not as easy as you think. Many women turn to harsh bleaching creams which aren't always the safest choice. Which is why Brasil Naturals formulated SkinBright to help women take back control of their skin. Because sometimes you may be doing everything right when it comes to skin care but if you're not fighting toxins inside the body breakout can occur at any time. Managing breakouts and discolorations is easy with SkinBright. The all natural dietary supplement is a antioxidant which improves our skin health. The antioxidants in SkinBright may help reduce breakouts and the discolorations that result from those breakouts. It may also help balance oil glands, restore a healthy glow to your complexion and even-out your skin tone & texture. Like I said, I'm in my 30's and taking the supplement daily is no longer an option. I take it religiously to maintain my skin's health, fight occasional breakouts, and aging! I love this supplement because it has sooo many benefits and it's packed with anti-oxidants. 

Common reasons why we have breakouts:

As a woman breakouts are not uncommon hormones, stress, pollution in the air, and poor nutrition are all reasons for sudden breakouts. However our herbal supplement is all natural & pure dietary supplement. SkinBright contains trace minerals along with super antioxidants to fortify skin, reduce acne breakouts, and improve clarity. The supplement is not only great for natural skin health but may also help with brightening of the skin, wrinkles, acne, occasion breakouts, & discoloration. Our SkinBright herbal supplement can be taken all year round and has a zero toxicity rate which mean you cannot overdose on the formula. However, we do recommend that you take the supplement as directed by a healthcare professional or follow the suggested use on the bottle. 

Recommendations: We suggest taking 2-capsules in the morning with orange juice or Vitamin C, in  a (one-a-day) multi vitamin supplement. 

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