MorichePalm Body Cream (12-units) Wholesale

MorichePalm Body Cream (12-units) Wholesale

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The Moriche Palm Bum-Bum Creme is a magnificent solution for a flat or sunken buttocks - just apply the creme night to plump up and also firm the buttocks without surgery, shots, or injections! The Moriche Palm Brazilian body plumping creme adds volume to the hip and buttocks area by gently stimulating the hormones! Now you can enhance and define your buttocks and achieve fuller curves, wider hips, and a rounder backside with the remarkable Moriche Palm Creme! Made with all natural ingredients like Moriche Palm Fruit Extract, Moroccan Oil, and Brazilian Nut & Coco Butter this body creme is super safe and gentle on the body. Try the Moriche Palm body creme today to plump up every curves of your buttocks while minimizing the appearance of unwanted stretch marks, scars, and also cellulite!

Directions: Apply the Moriche Palm Creme nightly to grow a bigger buttocks naturally, just massage a dime size (amount) of the creme onto your hips, buttocks, and upper thighs (which is optional). 

  • Wholesale rates are as follows:
  • 12-units @64.99 = $779.94
  • 16-units @60.99 = $975.84
  • 20 units or more @59.99 per unit (Best Wholesale Deal)

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