Moriche Palm Creme

Moriche Palm CremeMoriche Palm CremeMoriche Palm Creme

Moriche Palm Creme



The Moriche Palm Creme targets your hips & buttocks to define your natural body curves! The Moriche Palm Creme utilizes the nutrients in our tropical fruit, plant extracts, natural butters, and essential oils to deliver a fast-acting ingredients that target the hips & butt to rapidly boost collagen and fat tissue production! The Moriche Palm creme is used by many women in Brazil and South America to help them achieve a fuller, firmer, and rounder shaped butt without undergoing costly and risky cosmetic surgery!

The Moriche Palm (Body Plumping Creme) is a magnificent fat-tissue and collagen boosting topical butter-cream used solely to enhance volume at the (hips & butt) naturally without surgery. The Moriche Palm creme is a natural alternative and non-surgical butt-enhancement creme formulated by a woman for women. It has been formulated in Brazil and imported here in the USA for distribution. The Moriche Palm cream is an all natural product containing ingredients derived from herbal plant extracts, exotic fruit oils, and natural butters like Coco Butter, Shea Butter, and Brazilian Nut Butter. 

The Moriche Palm Creme is a natural alternative to risky butt-shots or a costly BBL surgery and can be used by anyone seeking to enhance a flat, saggy, or sunken buttocks. The benefits of the creme include butt-lifting, body firming, and body toning. When applied daily the creme can help you maintain a fuller-rounder-curvier shaped buttocks. Results can be achieved after 4-6 weeks of continued use. 

Application Instructions:

Before bed, every night, apply just a quarter size of the plumping creme night to firm-up your buttocks. With Moriche Palm creme you don't need surgery, shots, or injections! The Moriche Palm Brazilian body plumping creme adds volume to the hip and buttocks area by gently stimulating the hormones! Now you can enhance and define your buttocks and achieve fuller curves, wider hips, and a rounder backside with the remarkable Moriche Palm Creme!

Made with all natural ingredients like Moriche Palm Fruit Extract, Moroccan Oil, and Brazilian Nut & Coco Butter this body creme is super safe and gentle on the body. Try the Moriche Palm body creme today to plump up every curves of your buttocks while minimizing the appearance of unwanted stretch marks, scars, and also cellulite!

Directions: Apply the Moriche Palm Creme nightly to grow a bigger buttocks naturally, just massage a dime size (amount) of the creme onto your hips, buttocks, and upper thighs (which is optional). 

Now you can combine our cream with our supplement for just $159.99

The Moriche Palm XTREME Diet Combo Plan includes the weight loss supplements along with the body plumping cream. The diet plan is truly remarkable, the Brazilian curvy diet pills support natural and healthy weight management - so you're lose tummy weight at your tummy and midsection while gaining healthy body curves. The Moriche Palm will help you sculpt and define curves while losing unwanted body fat.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on March 5th 2019

Moriche Palm Creme

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: I have been purchasing these products for over 5 years. Customer service is great and my products always last me a great length of time. I have experience almost all of the products bb oil, liquid curves spray and lotion and my favorite bum bum cream. I always been thick and I workout 3 -4 times a week so that enhances it even more. I put my mom on these products as well. They all work you just have to put effort in it as well. It will not work overnight nothing does. You can't use the product and think the next week your going to be the next fashion nova model. You have to work. Moriche Palm already has done the hard work by making the product you just have to make the small effort to at least exercise and follow a small diet

Cons: none

2 5 out of 5 stars by on March 12th 2018

Moriche Palm Creme

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: I am a big fan of moriche palm diet products! I started using the bum bum cream in 2015. The cream leaves my skin so soft and it has made my bum very plumped and big. the jar itself lasts me a while before I have to order another one. In less than a month I started noticing my jeans were tighter around the butt area which was a plus!! and everywhere I went I was turning heads some people couldn't believe that my butt was that huge!! my family and friends also started ordering as well when I finally told them my secret lol and they too have the same results. It's a very good process and less expensive than getting cosmetic surgery you will not be disappointed ordering this product. smells wonderful, keeps skin smooth and most importantly it works.

Cons: none

3 5 out of 5 stars by on December 19th 2017

Moriche Palm Creme

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: The products smells good! Results were actually good, better than most other over the counter butt sculpting creams. I gained fullness and also noticed smoother skin.

Cons: Pricey

4 5 out of 5 stars by on July 6th 2017

Moriche Palm Creme

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: I order two bum bum cream and I am loving my results. Am a girl who always had a big butt, but my hips were as big. I wanted those extra curves so I started to use the bum bum cream and now I have hips and an ass that matches. Am happy with my results and I will continue to use this product. It took only a month for me to see results.

Cons: None

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