Juicy Booty Lotion

Juicy Booty LotionJuicy Booty Lotion

Juicy Booty Lotion



The Juicy-Booty Lotion is fantastic for butt-enhancement! We love the watermelon sent this lotion has along with the pineapple extract. 

The Juicy-Booty Lotion gently exfoliates, moisturizes, and softens the skin! An all natural body plumping lotion that firms, tones, and enhances your hips & booty!

Simply, apply our Juicy Booty Lotion daily to hydrate, firm, tone, and soften your skin. The natural ingredients in our Juicy Booty Lotion instantly boost collagen and fat tissue to promote the natural fullness your desire. Now you can boost up your natural body shape with our Juicy Booty Lotion. 

Ingredients: Coco Butter, Moroccan Oil, Brazilian Nut Butter, Moroccan Oil, Palm Oil, Moriche Palm Fruit Extract, Pineapple, Melon Extract, Soy Extract, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, along with other herbs and natural extracts that soothe and tone skin. 

Size: 8.5fl oz 

Directions: Apply to the entire body, back, arms, legs, butt, thighs, and breasts to firm-up the body shape while smoothing and toning the skin. 

" I really love my Juicy Booty Lotion because it makes my skin feel so silky soft and smooth - it also eliminates stretch marks and cellulite! My boyfriend love how juicy the lotion smells - just like fruit! So, I started using it 3 months ago along with the new Liquid Curves (body plumping spray) and I noticed how fast it plumped up my breast and booty so fast! I saw more volume nearly within the first week of using the lotion with the spray my skin was also firming and tighter while using the products - I really love them honestly! My booty was already big before the product but now it's bigger and also firmer, ladies, I highly recommend this amazing product if you wanna shape up curves naturally"! - Alexis Skyy

"After my first bottle of using the Juicy Booty Lotion I was amazed at how fuller and firmer my body curves had become; I love the product my skin is so smooth, it's firmer, tighter and more pretty I love this stuff it's pretty DOPE"  - BlacChyna 

It's the secret to a better looking butt if you ask me! I tried it and cannot deny how fast I noticed more fuller curves and more perkier breasts! I recommend it to anyone who desires a firmer and fuller body shape! - Jhonni Blaze 

"OMG, it smells so good - really love it - my Juicy Booty Lotion works instantly to plump up my booty and hips - other people actually saw the same results as mine! The lotion gives you a more fuller and shapelier booty and perkier breasts! I promote it now because it actually works and I believe in it"! - DJ Duffey

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