Juicy Booty Kit (Spray + Juicy Booty Lotion)

Juicy Booty Kit (Spray + Juicy Booty Lotion)Juicy Booty Kit (Spray + Juicy Booty Lotion)

Juicy Booty Kit (Spray + Juicy Booty Lotion)



Try the remarkable fragranced body lotion Juicy Booty Lotion is a body firming lotion made with Coco and Shea Butter! The Juicy Booty lotion plumps and firms up your body curves while softening your skin tone to minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks! You may combine the Juicy Booty Lotion along with the Liquid Curves Spray to enhance a fuller and more shapely booty!

The Juicy Booty (Body Kit) includes the booty lotion (8.5fl oz) along with the liquid curves body mist spray (50ml)! When you combine our pineapple melon juicy booty lotion with our spray you'll achieve faster and more significant results in no time! Imagine having a  fuller and also firmer buttocks within just a few weeks!

Directions: After you shower, spray on some curves with our remarkable Liquid Curves (body plumping) herbal mist spray. Make sure you target any areas where you want to achieve fullness such as: The Bust, Hips, Thighs, and or Buttocks. Next, apply the Juicy Booty Lotion afterwards to keep your booty firmer and also eliminate stretch marks, cellulite, and discoloration.


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