Glute-MAXX (Gluteal Hip Trainer)

Glute-MAXX (Gluteal Hip Trainer)

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You've been slaving away in the gym and still haven't a single result notice. Call now to order the (Glute-MAXX) hip trainer for only $59.99! The powerful muscle stimulator works by contracting your small & large muscles! Train your booty like a pro without ever stepping into the GYM, this fast muscle stimulator will help you grow your hips and buttocks fast! Without surgery or shots or injections. Use the Liquid Curves spray & firming body with your hip trainer for best results.

  1. Workout your glutes like a pro with our muscle trainer for your buttocks!
  2. Train your glutes watching TV or reading a book !
  3. Stimulate your small and larger using 6 modes to isolate & contract glute muscles! 

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