Buff Booty Mask w/Seaweed Extract

Buff Booty Mask w/Seaweed ExtractBuff Booty Mask w/Seaweed ExtractBuff Booty Mask w/Seaweed Extract

Buff Booty Mask w/Seaweed Extract




Today we’re introducing a NEW PRODUCT in our collection that’ll keep your bum irresistibly smooth, acne-free, and (naturally) plumper. Enjoy our herbal Buff-Booty-Mask made with Seaweed & Maca Extract! Try it today for only $24.99 for a limited time only!

Remarkable results can be achieved by using the Buff Booty Mask one a week. Now you can try this wonderful booty buffing mask at home for only $24.99 a value $99 value discounted only for today.  

Introducing the new collagen made with Seaweed + Maca + Moriche Palm Extracts. The new "Buff Booty Mask" use the mask once weekly in conjunction with our BBL Oil for overall best results. This herbal clay mask formulated to enhance the booty made with four key ingredients that target muscle mass and fat tissues to firm and plump the booty (naturally).  


We created the first-ever butt mask in the market that actually works to detox and plump up your butt. Made with organic clay, and seaweed extract to cleanse and removes excess oil from the skin. Our Booty mask is enriched with vitamins B12, Vitamin E, Maca, Moriche Palm Oil, and essential oils as well as collagen to make your skin supple and tighter. 

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