Buff Body Derma Roller (Silicone Massage Brush)

Buff Body Derma Roller (Silicone Massage Brush)

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New BUFF BODY Derma Roller helps reduce cellulite, helps the body to produce more collagen, eliminates stretch marks and defines the buttocks. The Buff Body massage roller can be used with the LIQUID CURVES hydrating body firming lotion or the BBL OIL to enhance your body curves. You may also use the Buff Body Derma Roller with the HotPalm Tummy Tuck Butter to reduce abdominal fat. 

Application: Open the disk, pour your hot cream, Liquid Curves lotions and or BBL oil for the booty. Use the roller to massage the product into you skin. Use the massager to plump, firm, and tone buttocks, hips, and thighs. 


Apply Dr. Norma Sanchez butt lifting BBL Oil to the buttocks use the BUFF BODY derma roller to massage the oils into your skin. Using the massager will help you gain more fuller curves while eliminating dimples, cellulite, and stretch marks. 

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