BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

BBL Oil (12-units) at WholesaleBBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

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Dr. Norma Sanchez (new) BBL-Oil offers a remarkable new oil to lift, firm, and enhance your butt! The buttocks sculpting oil is formulated with natural extracts that stimulate and increase fat cell reproduction at the (hips/buttocks). The oil promotes a naturally fuller and more shapelier buttocks, best of all results are noticed quickly! If you ever wanted a bigger butt cosmetically you'd opt for what is commonly called a BBL Brazilian (butt-lift) buttocks fat transfer procedure.

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  • $27.00 ea for minimum of 25 units  
  • $37.00 ea for minimum of 12 units

The procedure combines liposuction along with fat transfer to the buttocks. However, many doctors have failed at performing the procedure the right way. Because, many patients complain about 60% fat loss after a BBL fat transfer procedure has been done doctor Norma Sanchez created her amazing BBL-Oil which has been tested on over 5,000 subjects already! The BBL Oil has gotten excellent reviews and was formulated to help patient retain more fat cells and refine noticeable scars from surgical wounds.  The nasty little embarrassing incision cite scars are really hard to get rid of which is why after doing over 1,000 procedures Dr. Norma Sanchez formulated the BBL Oil as a post operation (at home) treatment for enhanced body care!

How it Works:

Dr. Norma's butt lifting oil may be used after surgery or as a natural alternative to having surgery. The buttocks firming oil significantly reduces fat cell loss after a fat transfer procedure is done. The BBL oil has remarkable scar refining results that reduce embarrassing surgical scars and wounds from butt-shots and or BBL fat transfer procedures. Some women complain about incision scars becoming raised, or turning into keyloid's (thick raised scars). However, the BBL oil significantly reduces the chances of getting a raised scar after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and or PMMA buttocks shots.

This product offers next-level skin softness, remarkable smoothness, extraordinary firmness, and natural fullness! I am totally obsessed with it!  ---- Rosa Acosta 

The BBL-Oil not only enhances a more perky buttocks but it also helps eliminate unwanted cellulite, dimples, and scars from fat transfers to the buttocks. Get smoother skin, longer lasting volume, and more improved results after surgery or simply naturally without surgery with Dr. Norma's BBL Oil by Brasil Naturals. The butt boosting  (BBL-Oil) gently stimulates your fat tissues, firms skin, and fades scars and heal wounds on the buttocks! The concentrated body oil will also boost skin collagen and elasticity. Formulated for both men and women noticeable results may be achieved in 6-8 weeks! Both men and women who feel they have scaring on the buttocks or a flat sunken buttocks may benefit greatly!

"A very common mistake many patients make after having a BBL procedure is failing to followup with the doctor about proper (at home care)! Many doctors simply fail at following up with patients when at care and treatment is critical for the overall best results. Some doctors rely upon patients to figure it out. Many patient's don't know enough to get good post surgical results after a BBL procedure. I always recommend the BBL Oil after a patient has a butt lift. The oil treats the wounds properly - allows you retain more fat cells without damaging the tissues. The results are so much more better!" - Norma Sanchez

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1 4 out of 5 stars by on February 9th 2018

BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: It was alright. I was kinda skeptical at first but I am glade I tried it coz it actually worked! I was convinced to try the BBL Oil after seeing my best friend Stephanie's results. Her butt looked so good,, it was bigger then it ever has been. So I started using the oil myself. And my butt didn't grow as big as Stephanie's but I did notice my skin was dramatically softer, firmer, and my booty was definitely more fuller and more perkier than it's ever been in my entire life. I swear my boyfriend was like you've been working out hard on that booty sistah.. yahahaha.... but I stopped using it because I moved out of the country for a sec... and my booty kind of went down like the size got smaller ohhhh BUMMER! But the results lasted for almost a good year. The oil goes a long way one bottle should last you 2-4 months. I do recommend using this for one year if you want permanent results.

Cons: The oil is very thick and super concentrated so you gotta keep rubbing and rubbing it in. Hahaha, damn your arm starts hurting after rubbing so hard but I guess that's how you give a good massage. Also the product is very costly for the small bottle and the shipping is almost 3 weeks! But it's worth the wait coz I tried other products pills, and creams from other brands and none of them worked like this one!

2 5 out of 5 stars by on February 9th 2018

BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: I had a butt lift one year ago. I used this product after my friend told me about it in Mexico. I really love it. My butt lift (fat transfer) procedure went well (I truly believe) because of this great product. Honestly, I retained 100% of my fat transfer, the cells did not die! I used the oil 1-week after surgery and are still using the oil right now today. I still use it because my booty keeps growing! My booty has gotten so much bigger, hips are even fuller since I had the surgery - when it's expected to go down in size about 40%! I am so happy with my results!

Cons: I had to wait several weeks to get it. But I stocked up when they had a sale and got a six month supply!

3 5 out of 5 stars by on February 8th 2018

BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: After having a surgical fat transfer and Brazilian butt-lift surgery this product was recommended by my doctor. The BBL-Oil is a safe product that can help you achieve more lasting results after having a butt-lift. I have been using it now for the past 6 months. The butt lifting oil keeps my buttocks firmer, fuller looking, and has also reduced the scars from my surgery. I actually think it made my butt actually a few inches bigger coz it just keeps growing every month.

Cons: NONE!!!!

4 5 out of 5 stars by on February 8th 2018

BBL Oil (12-units) at Wholesale

Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

Pros: Great product! I gave it 5-stars because it really gave me fuller hips. My butt looks so good now, my boyfriend demands that I order this every month he loves how it plumps up my buttocks!

Cons: The oil is very expensive so be sure to order it when there's a sale!