HotPalm Tummy Butter

HotPalm Tummy Butter



Introducing the new and improved  HotPalm Tummy-Butter! Green Tea & Coffee Bean Extract along with Coconut Oil is added to our HotPalm tummy butter formula to assist with rapid fat burning at the stomach and waist. Start shrinking your waistline by detoxing unwanted fat cells at your tummy and midsection while firming, smoothing, and toning your skin! Shrink fat cells, eliminate stretch marks, tone, and firm up your belly! Just apply the creme anywhere on the body to SLIM & TONE! The slimming cream contains natural ingredients that promotes rapid fat loss by breaking down stubborn fat tissues.

If you've been insecure for too long about the roll of fat round your waist- it's time for a change!!  In as little as three weeks you'll begin to notice the slimming effects of our natural fat burning creme.  If you have excess skin, body bulging, rolls, and abdominal fat you want HAVE IT anymore! 

All you gotta do is use it! My complex fat burning cream, contains herbal ingredients like Green Tea & Coffee Bean Extracts these ingredients promote fat loss by breaking down stubborn and resistant fat cells! The cream attacks fat by detoxing the fat cells - you'll achieve a much slimmer waist as a results of your fat cells shrinking.

After you apply our tummy tuck cream to those target areas, rub the cream into the skin by gently massaging and grabbing and squeezing the fatty areas on the body. 

The HotPalm (Tummy Butter), hydrates and Tones Skin Enhancing Skin's Texture and Tone with natural ingredients like Coco, Shea, and other exotic Brazilian Body Butters, along with Vitamin E and Palm Oil. Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Vitamin E, & body slimming cream targets problem areas like (abdomen/waist) to shrink and detox fat cells.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on February 8th 2018

HotPalm Tummy Butter

Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

Pros: This is a safe product for fat loss around the tummy and midsection. I used it for a month and lose inches dramatically, my skin was also smoother and toned looking.

Cons: Nothing - I have no complaints

2 5 out of 5 stars by on November 10th 2017

HotPalm Tummy Butter

Length of ownership: 1 day-1 week

Pros: Moisturizing, smells good, does what it says! Amazing product! Thank you Moriche palm !

Cons: No complaints just wish the bottle was bigger! This stuff is amazing!!!

3 5 out of 5 stars by on August 14th 2017

HotPalm Tummy Butter

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: I love all of morichepalmdiet products,but with the tummy tuck butter I am absolutely seeing results. Ive been using the tummy tuck butter since may 2017 this product has given me the stomach ive always wanted.Ladies please purchase this amazing product

Cons: None