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    Liquid Curves is an herbal activator with estrogen that plumps up your natural body curves while firming and tightening your skin to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

    "I've tried the diet pills, and I love how it helps me slim down naturally! I also love how the Liquid Curves spray helps me retain more body fat at my hips and buttocks, the product really gives you a healthier and more curvaceous looking body figure and a more plumper bottom" - Alexis Skyy (Reality TV Star, Model) 

    Blac Chyna has used our remarkable body plumping cream to sculpt her booty. The cream is amazing and you should definitely try it now available online for more information click here to shop the get your hydrating and firming MorichePalm Body Plumping Cream

    The beautiful Rosa Acosta is using the NEW Brazilian (BBL-Oil) the all natural Butt-Lifting Oil by doctor Norma Sanchez plumps and contours the body curves enhancing a fuller and firmer buttocks naturally. Shop now to order the original BBL Butt-Lifting Massage Oil. 

    Our model Koko is using the most effective body plumping formula in our collection to give her curves volume instantly. The extracts in our gel spray enhance your body curves to boost your shape naturally. Order the spray online today shop Liquid Curves Gel Spray

    "I absolutely LOVE the supplement, Moriche Palm helped alot with my weight loss! I felt energized after taking the pills everyday and my body looked amazing - I lost weight and gained fuller hips and bigger boobs! I used the Liquid Curves (booster spray) along with taking the Moriche Palm diet supplement. Both products have given me so much confidence, I really love them!!" - Lyrica (Singer/RealityTV Star) 

    "I've tried other creams in the past that didn't work! Thankfully Liquid Curves was the real thing,  I was amazed my body curves where fuller and my skin softer! I am actually addicted to the lovely scent, so I spray it on after I shower daily - it stimulates my sex drive and makes me feel sexy and flirty - my booty is much fuller booty and my bust are perky too!" -  Stephanie Acevado (Singer, with Young Money, Music) 

    "After using the Liquid Curves booster spray my butt looks perfect! I can see and feel the difference! My butt grew fuller, rounder, and firmer after one week, honestly I first noticed the changes after the first day! The product is very special if you want a better looking butt you deserve it! I also took the supplement "Curvy Diet" along with using the spray daily - and it has helped me gain curves without over-eating you'll love it!" - Ivy James (model)

    The spray is remarkable, it really does brighten up the complexion, soften the skin, and smoothes away stretch marks and cellulite! I saw my butt grew bigger and fuller with the spray, and it looked smoother, and more toned! I used just little bit of the spray and it went a long way. Saw results in just two or three days" - DJ Duffey

    "I highly recommend the "Juicy Booty Lotion" I love how this product work from inside out to help you gain more muscle mass and body fat at your target areas" - DJ Duffey (TV Star & DJ) 

    "Yes, I thought in the beginning it was just like any other fade until it started seeing results almost instantly. These products are gentle on the body, natural, safe, and as well effective. I really do love them and have shared the product with some of my closest friends. The spray helps me keep my curves in all the right places and the pills help me keep my tummy nice and flat."  - Jhonni Blaze (Singer/TV Star) 

    "I love sharing my beauty secrets with y'all, and this booty cream is a favorite! @BrasilNaturals offers products with Natural ingredients that help maintain & accentuate your curves!" Jhonni Blaze (Singer) 

    I really love that Liquid Curves is an all natural product and how it helps women maintain their natural body curves without undergoing surgery. @LiquidCurves butt-enhancement-spray naturally plumps and stimulates fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use. Love their products ?Visit Mandy Bergon (Model/Dancer)

    "My name is Sky and I am a model from Los Angeles. I was interested in this diet, then my friend Sharda told me about and how it grew her butt like super big! She was so excited that I had to try it. I was big boned with a tom boyish shape until I started using the Moriche Palm Diet I started suddenly noticing fuller curves everywhere! Never before did I have a plump round booty and juicy thick thighs lol - these products are amazing! I told my friend India Love about them and she started using the products too! Both of us love and have promoted the product because it works!!" - Sky. (Model/Dancer)  

    "The just started using the spray Liquid Curves, I am so surprised - this stuff really works! My butt looks bigger, and my breasts look fuller! I totally adore this product, it plumps your body curves naturally - I am so in love with this product - it's truly amazing!"  - DJ Duffey (TV Star & DJ) 

    " I spray Liquid Curves on after I shower - it smells good and does a great job of firming up my skin! I have seen noticeable fullness, my skin is softer, and more radiant! I promise it works miracles!" - DJ Duffey (TV Star & DJ) 

    The Moriche Palm supplements are great! I love how natural the supplements are, no caffeine or stimulants! I lost 15 Lbs. in just 14-Days! The supplement slims my waist giving me that perfect hourglass shape! I just started using the Liquid Curves spray, I can't lie... that spray firmed up my breasts, gave me fuller hips and bigger buttocks it's amazing!" - Mali J. (Model/ Dancer, Club Promoter)  

    The Hot Palm Tummy Tuck Butter is great! I love how natural this slimming creme is - and how rich and creamy the body butter is. The slimming cream really softens and hydrates your skin. It contains coffee bean extract, coconut oil, and Shea butter along with other natural fat burning ingredients that shrink your waist and reduce belly fat! I wouldn't go to the gym without it" - Jhonni Blaze. (Model/Dancer/Singer)  

    The Liquid Curves spray really works fast my results were great! Not only does the spray plump up your buttocks but it also smoothes your skin for a soften tone and texture. I love how natural this body spray is - and how wonderful it smells and feels on my skin. The body spray really softens my skin making it feel silky and smooth. It contains hormones and herbal extract that boost the size of your hips and buttocks naturally" - Tomia Sanchez

    "So, you'll know I have a sweet tooth... we'll, i take the Moriche Palm Diet pills everyday because they curb my appetite for sweets and junk foods like hot chips (my favorite)! But the pills also gives energy to get through my busy day! I love how the Moriche Palm (bum bum cream) soften my skin and helps me get rid of cellulite and or stretch marks! I am a huge fan of the Moriche Palm Diet!"  - BlacChyna (Model & Socialite) 

    "The Liquid Curves spray helps me firm-up my body curves while smoothing my skin! This natural organic formula works so well that I saw a difference in just a few short weeks! Hey, it's no wonder so many celebrities are excited about this product! Stephanie Acevado

    The Liquid Curves helps me firm-up my body curves while I am fitness training on tour! I use the spray after I shower daily and it helps me tighten up and firm my skin while accentuating my curves. I've been using the product for a few weeks and I love seeing my results... my hips, thighs, and buttocks looks better every day. I promise you'll love it.  - Stephanie Acevado (Singer, with Young Money, Music) 

    I love using the body spray to keep my figure and enhance every morning after I shower I spray on Liquid Curves then apply the lotion to set it. The lotion and spray work together to soften my skin, firm-up my body curves, all while eliminating stretch marks and cellulite. I really love this product and recommend it to anyone looking to sculpt their figure naturally!  - Jhonnie Blaze (Singer and Songwriter) . 

    The Liquid Curves spray helps me shape up and firm my body curves. I use the spray and lotion together for faster and more significant results. The spray adds more volume and fullness wherever I desire - I saw results almost immediately. - (Model Wankanego)   

    "My squat routine wasn't enough for me, so I added Liquid Curves my results were amazing! I used both "Juicy Booty Lotion" and "Liquid Curves Spray" at the same time for nearly 2 months! Not only did I see more fullness at my hips, breasts, & thighs, but I also noticed that my skin was more smoother and much more softer than before! The spray smells really good and the lotion is creamy and thick!" - Alexis Skyy (Reality TV Star, Model) 

    Ms. Meghan James from Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives has used our spray and lotion in conjunction with working out and dieting to plump-up her body curves while staying fit! The product can be used along with diet and exercise to perfect your results in just weeks! 

    As a model I'm strictly dieting and exercising to LOSE WEIGHT but I don't want to LOSE MY CURVES that's why I use the spray! It helps me keep my curves nice and plump while I stay in shape! Many other celebrities and models use the product too. This really worked for me so I'm sticking to it, I will continue to order and recommend it to all my family and friends the same!  - Queen Kalika

    "I am kinda addicted to the Moriche Palm Diet supplements, I look slimmer and my waist is so tiny! The supplements are my favorite, I take 2 capsules before I eat breakfast! I feel healthier, the supplements help you slim down and the creme helps you plump up your (booty & hips)! I used the Moriche Palm supplements and the (bum bum cream) both together and I saw amazing results! The Bum Bum creme is like magic it softens, plumps, and firms up your body curves! I absolutely love this stuff! - Wankanego (Model /Dancer) 

    I already had hips .... but the spray Liquid Curves just keeps them firm and lifted, honestly my butt never looked so good! I love how the spray adds firmness to my skin while also eliminating unwanted stretch marks and cellulite.  - Paige the Brat (Reality TV Star) 

    Paige the Brat reality TV star from Rob & Chyna keeps her body shape with our Liquid Curves body contouring spray. Paige admits that she's already curvaceous naturally but also loves how our spay keeps her skin nice and tight her bum firm and perky! We love her new body curves, she's been working out daily and using our spray to shape up her body! 

    I keep telling my friends about Liquid Curves because it works, I use it after I shower and it helps me firm up my hips and buttocks while tightening and toning my skin. I use it daily in conjunction with working out and dieting. - Stephanie Acevado 

    For me to use this product it wasn't hard because most of my friends were already using it and they (all) loved it!!! I heard nothing but good reviews from each and every one... so I tried it myself. First hand, it's a really good product, I do actually see it working. My curves are flawless and my booty is fuller and firmer than ever before! It's only been two weeks and the product is already working for me! I think if you're struggling to keep your curves or if you want to enhance more fuller curves you should definitely try this product, it's honestly a miracle in a bottle.  - Erika 

    "It almost seems un real right, how can a spray plump your booty hips and thighs! It's pretty remarkable ladies I have personally tried it - and I cannot lie because it worked for me! A miracle in a bottle no question about it, my booty is much fuller and firmer than ever before!"  - Wankanego 

    " I had to try this amazing product, Liquid Curves spray and body firming lotion! After a few days I noticed a difference, the spray was plumping up and also firming my butt and hips! The lotion smoothed my skin it gave me a fat booty without the cellulite!  - Wankanego

    I used to worry about keeping my curves, now that I am using the Liquid Curves spray it's easy to shape up my body without having surgery. I use the spray and the lotion for the best results. After I shower each morning and night I spray on some curves, then apply my lotion afterwards to brighten my skin while getting rid of stretch marks, dark marks, scars, and cellulite. - Mandy Kalika (Model) 

    The spray is amazing, I use it daily, right after i shower I spray it on my hips and buttocks! I can't believe how fast it's working I am seeing more plumpness and it's only been a few weeks! The product is so dope, if you haven't tried it you have to, promise it works miracles!" - Kalika 

    " OMG, its so awesome! I used the Liquid Curves spray for almost two weeks, I would not lie, my butt grew bigger and my hips wider in a couple weeks! I saw a major difference - not only was my butt bigger was also firmer, smoother, and more toned looking! The spray smells really nice too - it's a fresh baby powder scent, I like it because it's very soft and pleasant!" - Maria Isabella 

    "I cannot deny, my really good results! My butt is so big and firmer and smoother! I use it after I shower and I can feel it working - it tingles! I love the Liquid Curves spray!" - Maria Isabella 

    " I wanted fuller hips and thighs, I used Liquid Curves spray to shape and enhance my body curves, now everyone thinks I had plastic surgery but I swear that I didn't! The product is just that amazing I am obsessed with this stuff, I truly love and adore it! - Kalika