Collagen Butt-Boosting Creme 

Created by Koko and manufactured by Brasil Naturals, the collagen butt-boosting-creme may help you maintain a smooth, plump, and lifted buttocks. Made with all natural ingredients that stimulate and boost your own collagen to enhance your (own) buttocks! As amazing as it sounds it's definitely possible to add fullness & firmness naturally while also tightening & toning the hips & buttocks. If you want to try KOKO's butt boosting creme to targets your hips & buttocks it's only available online and at select retailers listed below. The remarkable collagen butt-boosting creme also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and dark patches, and spots on the skin. The natural collagen creme gradually plumps fat-tissues to naturally promotes fullness without risky and expensive cosmetic surgery.

Time Frame: We get asked this question all the time, how fast will I see results. Well, it really depends on the person, results can be achieved normally within about 3 months so we do recommend purchasing at least a three month supply or using the product consistently for three consecutive months.

Suggested Use: Using your index finger scoop a quarter size amount of the creme from the jar and rub together in the palm of your hands. Apply the creme to each butt-check and massage gently. For best results use in combination with our soap!

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