SkinKit-1 KoKo's Beauty Box (Skincare)

SkinKit-1 KoKo's Beauty Box (Skincare)



KoKo's Beauty Box includes a collection of our best skincare products to lift, firm, brighten, & restore skin's health!

Restore your skin's youthful and healthy glow with our BEAUTIFUL SKIN anti-aging skincare line made for women of color who want more beautiful and radiant skin. Our skincare helps with discoloration, dry skin, tired looking skin, and dead skin.

How it works: 

Our serums have enzymes that renew skin, and moisturizing ingredients that hydrate and tone skin. Our night time cream will help restore your glow and lift your face by tightening & toning your skin while boosting collagen.Brighten up under your eyes, moisturize, reduce discoloration, and fade away scars with my beautiful skin collection. 

What KoKo's Beauty Box includes: 

Nightwear Cream -Super skin hydrating a heavy whipped face cream that penetrates several layers of skin to restore loss moisture this is perfect for tired, dry, and damage skin. 

Winkle Recovery Serum - If you're starting to notice some fine lines, pick up your tired skin with our recovery serum. Attack wrinkles and fine lines. Boost collagen and elasticity to plump up skin for more youthfully looking skin. 

Pro-Repair Serum - If you have discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, fade away spots brighten and restore skin's radiant and healthy glow while evening out the skin tone. 

Face Moisturizer - Renew and restore moisture great day cream + primer under makeup with SPF 15 recommended for tired looking skin. 

Try the entire collection for only $83.99 

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