POP LUX * MinkLAASH - Style: 90210

POP LUX * MinkLAASH - Style: 90210



LuxPOP LAASH company creates beautiful 3D luxury eyelashes in silk and or mink both are now available online or in our store boutique at the CossaMia Beauty Bar.

Style LUX 90210 is our most sophisticated classy yet still dramatic medium length full mink lashes in strips. The 90210 set of natural mink lashes have a dreamy cat-eye look and style. They are hot for any occasion. Wake up looking hot as these 100% Siberian Mink making the lashes are the softest and most comfortable to sleep in. Easy to apply and remove. The lashes stay on for 7 days when you use our brand's all natural eyelash glue LuxPOP LAASH Glue Formaldehyde Free and Latex Free Eyelash Glue, Waterproof, Cruelty-Free, Fur-Free, Vegan, Hypoallergenic. 

Purchase our glue with any LuxPOP Lashes for $5 off the retail price. 

Try LuxPop LAASH in several different unique style only two are currently available:

  • LUX 90210 - The sophisticated medium long full set of natural mink lashes with a cat-eye effect. This look is bold, daring, and sexy yet still classy to pull off anywhere you go! 

  • LUX ATLANTA - The dramatic and bold set of natural mink lashes with sexy flair. This look is SWAG all day or night. Pull off these mink lashes at your next big event, birthday, or party! 

  • LUX- VEGAS - The sex appeal medium long full set of natural mink lashes with a flair of bold  dramatic cat-eyes lashes effect. This look is smoking hot for the kitten in you! 

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