KoKo's Beauty (Sca Care Gel)

KoKo's Beauty (Sca Care Gel)



KoKo's Beauty Scar Care Kit includes our scar gel formulated and pro-repair serum to minimize the appearance of deep scars on the face to restore smoother looking clear healthy skin!

Restore your skin's youthful and healthy glow with our BEAUTIFUL SKIN anti-scar gel results are astonishing. Our scar care gel reduce discoloration, and fade away unwanted scars while toning skin.  

What KoKo's included in my scar care kit: 

Scar Care Gel -Super skin toning gel for deep scar care and repair. 

Pro-Repair Serum - If you have discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, fade away spots brighten and restore skin's radiant and healthy glow while evening out the skin tone. 

Try the scar care kit for only $125.99 

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