About Us

Heeeyyee Mama’s and Papa's! Thanks for visiting our store online, here’s a bit more info about us and our brand "Brasil Naturals” just for your information darling! We offers an organic line of (body contouring) products to help women in the USA and abroad sculpt their shapes. Our products were created and developed in Brazil for women and girls, because curves are a girls best friend! Our products contain natural ingredients that boost your shape and maintain your body curves. All of our formulas contain Moriche Palm which is a tropical fruit and a tiny bit of estrogen derived from all natural soy extract. Some products in our collection support enhancement and also weight management like the Moriche Palm Diet (weight loss system) includes the weight loss supplement and body curves creme to help you shape up and define your curves, the Moriche Palm (diet plan) is only available at (retail outlets), for more info, please contact our buyer Troi Beverly if you need the product in your retail location! 
Our newest product available online is the Liquid Curves a remarkable scented herbal after shower body mist spray. The formula comes in a spray and also a body lotion! The Liquid Curves spray is becoming the hottest new trend in beauty and body sculpting! Girls, just love it, you simply spray and go - it’s really that easy. Women just love how the after shower spray is quick and convenient to use. After you shower you simply spray on some curves, haha it’s so wonderful, the instant body plumper stimulates collagen and elasticity to plump up and firm your body curves instantly! You’ll love it all of our products were created by a woman for a woman! 
Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy shopping with Brasil Naturals as much as we enjoy boosting you figure the natural way! 
- Brasil Naturals
Available at these Retail Outlets 
  • Hair & Beauty Store (Los Angeles, CA ) 
  • Lydia’s Wigs and Beauty (Hawthorne, CA ) 
  • CC Beauty Supply (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • Jamison Beauty Supply (Miami Beach, Florida) 
  • Ricardo’s Beauty Supply (San Paulo, Brazil)