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Liquid Curves activator-spray has natural ingredients that boosts the size of your buttocks to enhance fullness and firmness instantly. If you want a fuller-looking butt and more defined hip you need our Hip & Butt booster kit - Liquid Curves. The buttocks is mainly fat-tissue and muscle mass, to enhance the actual curves of the buttocks you need to stimulate both fat tissue & muscle mass. Organically boost the size of your butt and enhance the shape of your buttocks with our butt-booster spray & butt-lifting and firming body lotion for overall best results.

Butt & Sculpting Collection

Our butt-lifting and plant-based sculpting products can help you achieve a natural Brazilian Buttocks Lift, choose from our plumping plant stem cell massage oils, our herbal buttocks boosting creams, and firming lotions in our body collection to help you enhance your butt and hips naturally while defining your curves!

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SlimWaist Tea
SlimWaist Tea

$89.99 $42.00

 Skincare + Beauty Collection

Checkout out our skin care kit by KoKo BEAUTY BAR! Enjoy our skin care line shop now the beauty box for only $83.00

Bootyfix Walnut Scrub
Bootyfix Walnut Scrub

$52.00 $34.99

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