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Liquid Curves activator-spray has natural ingredients that boosts the size of your buttocks to enhance fullness and firmness instantly. If you want a fuller-looking butt and more defined hip you need our Hip & Butt booster kit - Liquid Curves. The buttocks is mainly fat-tissue and muscle mass, to enhance the actual curves of the buttocks you need to stimulate both fat tissue & muscle mass. Organically boost the size of your butt and enhance the shape of your buttocks with our butt-booster spray & butt-lifting and firming body lotion for overall best results.

Body Sculpting Collection

Our body sculpting collection helps you define your curves.

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SlimWaist Tea
SlimWaist Tea

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 Skincare + Beauty Collection

Checkout out our skin care kit by KoKo BEAUTY BAR! Enjoy our skin care line shop now the beauty box for only $83.00

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